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Food is such an important part of our day to day lives. For many of us, when we think of food, we remember Mum’s favorite or Grandma’s special. These fond memories, often remind us of the aromas of special meals prepared in times of celebration and even common daily meals at home. It is from this sentiment of a wholesome home-cooked meal that the idea of a mixed rice restaurant was born. 

Whether you choose to call it Economy Rice, Chap Fan or Nasi Campur, we all know there's something special about it and just like it is at home, it takes special people to make special food. That’s what Lucky Garden is all about. 

Think of your mum and the meals she has cooked for your family. In approximately 25 years, she would have cooked for a total of 9000 days or more.. and grandma would have cooked for well above 20,000 days! When we wanted to provide a good selection of local favorites, we had to dig deep for the real reason why home-cooked food tastes so good, and we’ve put it down to these three ingredients…


There are lots of recipes and instructions that try to explain how to cook something, but one thing books and notes can never do is impart the wisdom that comes from experience. This kind of wisdom is often even found in the experience of failure. Knowing what to do to each dish on any given day to achieve the desired taste always requires a little adjustment. This little adjustment takes a little of that wisdom, and it makes all the difference.

We've found that you can taste WISDOM, and it tastes great!

A great meal can only get better when it is shared with good company.  Enjoying your favorite meal alone can be peaceful but sharing a great meal with great company is what makes it truly memorable. Ideally, a great meal is the cherry on top of the overall experience of a good time shared with great people and this is the recipe we came up with for what makes a great meal.

Our team consists of people who have each been cooking for more than 40 years. Yes, 40 years!! That means that they have the same amount of experience as many of your grandmas. Cooking often for 500 people a day means that in their lifetime they will have cooked for over 4,000,000 people. Now that’s WISDOM!!

Why do our team choose to do what they do, especially when they can retire into an easier life away from the heat of the kitchen?  They do it because they LOVE IT!! Their kids have grown up and started their own lives, and so now you have become their family.  Their satisfaction will always be found in your smile at the end of every meal. Your smile is their pride.

Along with all these components, your comfort is also our priority and we take it upon ourselves to provide an inviting environment as the backdrop for these great experiences. In all our venues, we aspire to incorporate the natural environment, to keep a comfortable spacing between tables where possible, and to try to reduce disruptive noise, so that you can rightfully enjoy your time here. In conclusion, these are the reasons why we call it LUCKY GARDEN - the next best place after home.